At Blooming Color, we’re printing pioneers.

We’ve remained Chicago’s leading commercial printer for over 30 years, because we believe the secret to printing is possibility.

Blooming Color doesn’t see obstacles – only opportunities. Every print is an adventure.

We’ve got the cutting-edge techniques that overcome the ordinary, the forward-thinking commitment that makes us partners for life, and the innovative ingenuity that turns dreams into realities.

So don’t just dream the future…

A History of the Impossible

It all started with “yes.

When we started serving our clients in the 1980s, we asked ourselves if we could create a company where extraordinary is the norm. Where we surpassed state-of-the-art to reach the pinnacle of print.

The answer was always “yes”. Every discovery made, every horizon crossed, every dream brought to life.

After 30 years of cutting-edge print, we know one thing – with ink, ingenuity and innovation, anything is possible.