Rosemarie Breske Garvey is the epitome of a professional.

As Vice President of Blooming Color, she brings a driven energy and forward-thinking desire to change the industry from the inside out.

“One of the things you’ll notice when you look across the industry,” remarks Rosemarie, “is that there are not a lot of women, especially not in leadership positions.”

Rosemarie is part of only 20% of companies with women executives in the US. We’ve seen this disparity firsthand at conferences and panels. The same men, recycling the same strategies, year in and year out. It was time for a change. Along came Rosemarie.

Hailing from a background in commercial banking, her rapid learning, quick decision-making and brilliant acumen quickly rose her through the ranks at Blooming Color.

Alongside President Brian Scott, Rosemarie has overseen Blooming Color’s evolution from a printing company with excellent technology, to a technology company that excels at print.

“This is a business of ideas as much as ink itself,” she states.

Under Rosemarie’s leadership, Blooming Color is powered not just by innovation, but by relationships – long-standing partnerships built on trust, opportunity, encouragement, and mutual respect. Rosemarie knows full well the importance of teamwork. She studied music in college – the press floor works in perfect harmony because she’s not just conducting: she’s part of the orchestra.

“No job is beneath anyone, so every day at 2pm you’ll find me on the bindery floor.”

Her day begins before 6, checking in with the press team and verifying FTP transfers for international clients that came in the night before. Then she divides her busy day between lending a hand in a fast-paced manufacturing setting, and making executive moves for the future. That includes a hiring practice deliberately focused on diverse racial and gender backgrounds.

“People’s experiences matter. Where they come from matters. What they have to offer matters.” As the industry shifts away from its male-dominated origins and Blooming Color continues to make diverse hires, Rosemarie invites and inspires more women to join the future.

“I don’t like to talk much about ‘breaking glass ceilings’, but as the industry becomes more technology-based, it’s a tremendous time for women to be entering the industry.”