Web-To-Print Case Study: Illinois Cancer Specialists

Illinois Cancer Specialists is a leading provider of cancer care with ten locations throughout Chicago and the surrounding areas. Due to multiple locations, Illinois Cancer Specialists needed a way to preserve their brand integrity, while still catering to the unique needs of each office location for print collateral and marketing materials.

The Solution

Blooming Color developed a custom website for users to order corporate branded materials. Once the user logged in, they saw a website specific to their location, and could browse and order business collateral, marketing materials, promotional items, and more.

To create economies of scale for the client, promotional items were ordered in bulk and stored at Blooming Color for fulfillment.

The Results

After the company rollout, there was instant positive feedback. The marketing departments realized an immediate time savings, not only in existing orders but also in adding future locations. This fully scalable website can easily add new practices on demand.

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