A dream is nothing without the will to make it a reality.

Brittany is the definition of a dream-maker. It’s been incredible to watch her for 5 years, rapidly progressing from fielding the front desk to become our Account Manager.

Brittany always jokes that she “wears many hats” – there’s few who do it with such style and skill. As Account Manager, she is a print solutions specialist. Solutions are exactly what she finds all across the company – she also excels at shipping, fulfillment, production, and providing for the customer’s ever-evolving needs.

Brittany has always been the kind of person who sees no barriers to cross, only obstacles to overcome. It’s an ethos she shares with the company.

“There’s no difference between a man or a woman working here.”

From the moment Brittany set foot on the press floor for the first time, she was willing and able to learn anything she set her mind to. Brittany remains on the rise as she inks the impossible. Her work ethic and camaraderie with all the other phenomenal women of Blooming Color are an inspiration. As Brittany looks forward, as she turns dreams into realities, she smiles when she sees the future – and the future is female.


There’s only one thing it’s impossible for us to imagine – Blooming Color without Isabel. She’s been with us for 10 years, and she inspires us every day.

As Operations Specialist, Isabel is not only a leader on the press floor – she’s our ultimate defense. She makes sure the colors are correct, the pages are in order, that the folds are clean – ensuring that our production is flawless.

Her skill alone makes her an indispensable member of the Blooming Color family, but on top of that she’s an incredibly hard worker, routinely hungry for new opportunities and to learn new skills.

Even after a decade of inking the impossible, she still works the machines with a smile. To see her fly around the floor, zooming around and zipping through projects, you wonder how she could rise any higher: and then she does it again.

This dream-making machine is powered by pride in her work and in her heritage.

“Being a Latina makes me feel so proud, because some people don’t expect that we’re operating machines, or in charge on a project.

My goal is to inspire more women to dream,” she smiles. “If you want, you can ink the impossible.