Drink the Impossible


Backpack Wine, a high-end canned wine company, offers great-tasting, quality wine in a take-anywhere, easy-open, recyclable can. With that kind of imagination, Blooming Color just had to become their partner for life.


As an emerging canned wine brand, Backpack Wine needed to flow into more retail outlets. With an ever-increasing number of competing canned beverages battling for shelf space, Backpack Wine was faced with the challenge of visibility in the marketplace. But at Blooming Color, we know there are no obstacles – only opportunities.


We put our innovative ingenuity to the test and poured Backpack Wine a packaging solution to showcase its product in retail outlets – without taking up shelf space.

We specialize in standing out and standing apart. Using a concept provided by Backpack Wines, we engineered a slim cardboard standalone point of purchase display to showcase Backpack Wine’s products throughout a store. The mouth-watering display could attract customers anywhere, from aisles to checkout areas, and eventually in their shopping carts. In a feat of art and science, the display boasted 4 shelves, and held up to 24 packages of Backpack Wine to tantalize consumers by skipping the cork and grabbing a pack.


In a feat of artful craftsmanship, we inked the impossible for a drink that stands apart. The display we crafted cracked open a new threshold of success for Backpack Wine – with help from our unique, eye-catching design, they were able to increase the number of retail outlets over the course of their inaugural summer season. Cheers! Here’s to inking the impossible!