Christy Hughes Is Building Blooming’s Future Frontier

We’re proud to welcome Christy Hughes to our dedicated team of professionals.

As Blooming’s resident Business Development expert, Christy is forging new paths through the healthcare, higher education and race management markets.

To see her in action, you’d think it’s easy. Christy’s artful approach to sales is defined by her determination.

“You make a million calls, and you’ll make one sale. It’s all worth it for the one.”

But Christy’s true talent is her peerless ability to speak to and care for clients.

“My father always said I could talk to anyone.”

Instead of a prospective customer on the other end, Christy sees a person. For her, it’s all about forming a relationship.

“I just love talking to people. Learning how people are doing business and any way we can be part of that. I have a lot of good conversations.”

It’s no surprise then that she is a family-oriented person, whose kids and husband are her life’s joy.

She has 3 little boys, who keep her incredibly active. When she’s not crushing it on the sales floor, she juggles basketball and football games, entertaining friends, and upgrading the house she bought last year.

Christy brings that same enthusiasm to her new role at Blooming Color.

“The longevity of Blooming is truly inspiring. They’ve not only adapted with the industry: they have literally changed the industry at every step. After 30 years they’re still growing at a rapid pace.”

That pace will be even quicker with Christy Hughes on board.

“With the new acquisition of the HP Indigo 12000, I see us continuing to expand into new markets,” she envisions. “We have a taste for new business and footholds in untapped markets, so we’re going to lean into and saturate those new frontiers. Blooming Color can do the impossible.”