Express Your Shelf

Blooming Color’s Bold Approach to Retail Shelf Marking

With retail’s ever-changing landscape, you need a partner who can keep up with the ebb and flow of commerce.

At Blooming Color, one of our areas of expertise is creating retail shelf tags. For instance, one of our clients is a retail chain with 42 stores throughout the Midwest. We print thousands of shelf labels per week for each of their locations – first by dynamically merging a weekly database that matches their printed circular, and then printing, boxing, and shipping the matching shelf labels.

A few of the advantages of our retail shelf marking process are:

Digital Printing, On Demand – For your fast-paced environment, we ensure a speedy turnaround time

Ease & Efficiency – Your shelf tags are delivered in planogram order, ready to hang. This optimizes operations for your store, allowing you to hang tags quickly and easily.

Adaptability – Has the planogram changed? No problem. Our shelf tags come individually cut, instead of on a roll so that you can easily update the order.

Custom Online Portal – Maybe an additional shelf tag comes up after the original order. We can program a custom online portal that allows you to create and print shelf tags in-house on a specially designed template.

Quality of Labels – Our retail shelf tags are printed on our cutting-edge HP Indigo presses, achieving the highest quality and color consistency on the market.

Research & Development – As your needs evolve, we’ll evolve with you – and we’ll do extensive work and check-ins to ensure that process and product meets your expectations along the way.

Quality of Fulfillment – Above all, precision is our top priority. All your shelf tags are printed and boxed accurately, on-time.

At Blooming Color, we not only meet your needs – we ink the impossible. Want to know what we can do for you? Let’s exchange some numbers.