A window to the past, from your phone to your home

You’d think it was impossible to capture and showcase memories in an instant from the palm of your hand.

Not with Blooming Color.

That’s right – we’re inking the impossible on an all-new level.

We’ve partnered up with WallPics, an app that allows you to create 8 x 8 three-dimensional photo tiles with removable adhesive.


Just download the free WallPics app from the App Store or Google Play, select your photos, and place your order. It’s that simple. We’ll ship your photo tiles the next day. Installation is even easier: the adhesive simply sticks to your wall.

Picture that: memories, keepsakes, and portraits, right from your phone to your home. All your memories on the walls for all your loved ones to see.

Show your walls some love with WallPics.

A Sign of the Impossible


Construction was underway on North Central College’s Wentz Science Center in Naperville, Illinois. All it needed to make its grand debut was seemingly impossible exterior signage.


North Central College came to Blooming Color. Because we ink the impossible every single day.


When North Central College asked us to help them create the exterior signage for the Wentz Science Center, they needed it to be cost effective, lightweight, and look just like cast concrete . . . and they needed it in eight weeks.

No problem. We ink the impossible before breakfast.

The sign’s large size seemed an obstacle, but we saw only an opportunity –  building the seal from multiple pieces and assembling on-site to solve logistical restrictions.

We were able to quickly find and partner with an artisan who could tackle the design, time, and budget constraints. With production underway, we collaborated with one of our trusted outside installation teams to assemble and install the sign prior to Homecoming. While they cut the ribbon for the Wentz Science Center on October 20, 2017, we cut up everyone’s disbelief.


The feat of ingenuity we pulled off for the Wentz Science Center at North Central College was a sign of the impossible. It’s not just a piece of work; it’s a conversation piece. Bystanders still can’t believe the sign isn’t cast concrete, but rather is so light, it could be lifted by hand.

Blooming Color’s revolutionary approach to printing is rooted in relationships, and we strive to be partners for life. After the exterior sign’s success, we partnered with North Central again to ink all the interior way finding for the science center, and four other buildings on the North Central College campus.

We’re living proof that when you have ink, imagination, and innovation, you can do anything. Because when you blow past a sign that says ‘impossible’, beyond what people believe, there’s no limit on how far you’ll go.

Revolutionary Print Wins the Race: A Chicago Marathon Case Study

Written by Brian Scott

The Bank of America Chicago Marathon is a test of endurance. Blooming Color’s award-winning  print more than endures – it wins.

For the last six years, and in long-standing partnership with Chicago Event Management, we have proudly printed the Bank of America Chicago Marathon participant poster. It is the most visible piece of the entire event, distributed to every participant running, and every volunteer and staffer involved with the race – and since the beginning, it needed to be extraordinary.

In our world, extraordinary is the norm – a world where something special isn’t costly and rare, but the goal of every single print job.

This job? Promote the Bank of America and Chicago Marathon brand, drive regional pride, and print a myriad of event pieces in a small span of time, on multiple pieces of our top-tier equipment.

Easy. We ink the impossible every single day.

Our fulfillment capabilities are as filled with possibility as our print. After printing 50,000 posters like lightning, we rolled them, poly-bagged them, boxed, and loaded them onto two semi-trucks. We should have considered entering the marathon ourselves.

But that’s just the beginning of how we inked the impossible for our client. Chicago Event Management and Bank of America needed a printing partner who thought beyond the finish line and just one poster. Luckily for them, we’re print pioneers.

At Blooming Color, we think your work should be unforgettable, just like your race experience. Thanks to the artful solutions of our award-winning innovators and their unparalleled mastery of our HP Indigo digital offset presses, the work never gets lost in the crowd.

The suite of digital print pieces we inked for the Marathon, from the tow zone signage and parking placards, to the Elite Runner race bibs, to all of the stationery collateral, have all helped make the Bank of America Chicago Marathon a race to remember.

We are a proud partner of Chicago Event Management and the Bank of America Chicago Marathon, and have since been awarded the opportunity to ink the impossible on an all-new level with worldwide work for Bank of America: The RED campaign. The Hunger campaign. The Military campaign to thank our troops. All of these incredible ways to ink the impossible with print.

Running teaches us that we are so much more capable than we have ever imagined.  Imagine the next level of print with Blooming Color, and we’ll help you ink the impossible, too.