The Sweet Smell of Success

Standing Out with Scented Materials

More than any of the other senses, the sense of smell is closely linked to memory. A highly emotive sense, smell is a powerful trigger for recollection – a single scent can spontaneously evoke a long-forgotten memory. Thus, the right aroma can forge strong emotional currency.

It’s no surprise then that in marketing, the sense of smell is exponentially more effective than visual presentation alone. The perfume industry is built around this special connection. Custom fragrances convey a vast array of emotions, feelings and sensations; from desire to power, vitality to relaxation, novelty to nostalgia.

Utilizing scent in your marketing approach can create the emotional bond you need to drive sales and promote brand allegiance.


Think of a casino, where gamblers were proven to spend 45% more when there was a floral scent wafting over the slot machines. Theme parks are able to deploy location-specific scents to heighten the experience (and their bottom line). reported about a shampoo point-of-sale display that emitted a pleasing scent – it increased sales at that location by 36%, with overall store shampoo sales jumping by almost 27%.

Want to learn to leverage scented materials? Blooming Color nose how.


We incorporate fragrance right into the coating applied to your printed piece to imbue it with a scented experience that lingers long after the recipient has put down the page – provided they even want to in the first place.

Imagine sending a customer a brochure for your flower shop – suddenly the consumer is strolling through a field of lavender. Or a prospective partner receiving a piece from your flavor company – suddenly they’re a kid in the kitchen, eagerly awaiting a plate of grandma’s secret recipe chocolate chip cookies.

Scented materials are a unique and powerful way to communicate with customers. We’ll help you make sure you’ve scent the right message.


The Whole Package

Short Run packaging solutions by Blooming Color

How can you get HP Indigo quality packaging, without the cost investment of a long run? You just think outside the box.

When it comes to purchasing packaging, companies are faced with a major upfront cost for high volume orders – typical packaging production starts at 500 units or more. But what if your business only wants or needs small batches?

There’s an ever-growing consumer demand for product differentiation with an authentic packaging experience. How can you afford to experiment with something when you’re going to be debuting a brand new product, or testing a new market?

You need a partner who can create the customized limited run you expect, with the quality and care you don’t.

Look no further – Blooming Color is the whole package. We offer the short-run packaging solutions that large packaging manufacturers can’t. By producing small quantities on-demand at an affordable price, we eliminate waste in printing costs and resources.

Here are just a few opportunities we can offer product manufacturers:

Launching Trial Products – Sometimes you’re just testing the waters with an incredibly limited number, which a traditional corrugated supplier can’t provide. By partnering with us for their inaugural summer run, our client Backpack Wine was able to give the public a taste of their high-end canned wine through this unique endcap display, and even increase their amount of retailers.

New Types of Packaging – Products are ever-evolving: you need to be able to prototype and test out different types of packaging solutions. In many cases, we enable clients to make the final decision of what leads to a longer run.

Seasonal or Promotional Products – There are often projects you don’t need to produce year-round. We’ll tackle a short run for the season, and also handle any regional and demographic variants of your product.

That’s only the beginning of our innovative short-run capabilities. Did you know that Blooming Color can digitally print on up to 18pt stock? That means you can print smaller runs with the quality of an Indigo press, at a much more affordable price than traditional offset (and don’t worry – on a traditional offset press, we can print up to 24 pt).

Our Zünd Digital Cutter is perfectly tailored for packaging applications. This unbelievable equipment allows us to react quickly to your packaging needs, and provide the top quality of service, every single time.

We’re masters of the short run. After working with us on your packaging, you will want to be partners for the long run.